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How to Moisturize Dry Hair

Have dry hair and dull and rough certainly make you feel less confident, how to moisturize dry hair and rough that you can do as a daily care to dry your hair in order to maintain and restore the natural moisture of the hair.

How to Moisturize Dry HairIn doing way moisturize dry hair you need to take is to maintain the condition of your hair's natural moisture, by keeping the natural course of moisture problems such as dry hair will be away from your hair. Avoid triggers that make your hair become drier than ever. Pay attention to your nutrition intake is able to provide all the nutrients needed by the hair to maintain moisture.

Another way that you can do to restore your hair's natural moisture with treatment using additives to hair. Substances essential to moisturize hair and of course now widely circulated in the market. But as an alternative you can also moisturize dry hair how to perform a simple way by using natural materials as a treatment for hair that can maintain moisture in your hair.

The use of masks for hair that can provide moisturizing effect is one way that you can use. The use of chicken eggs used as a mask for dry hair was able to restore even more moisturizing your hair is dry.

Egg Mask for dry hair
How to make an egg mask to restore moisture to dry hair also is quite easy and simple. Whisk egg chicken in the container, add one tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of baby oil as a fragrance. To avoid the fishy smell you can add lime juice. Whisk mixture until evenly was true, then you can use this egg mask on your hair. Apply evenly on hair ranging from aka to tip your dry hair. Let stand about 20 minutes then simply rinse your hair.

The addition of olive oil on natural hair masks can provide nourishment for your hair and maintain its natural moisture. The content of vitamin E is capable of caring for your skin and avoid dryness of the hair can cause hair dull and rough.
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